Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus, how many times a day are we being made aware of the potential dangers this could have on our health.

Yes this is a serious health concern but I would like to talk about the impact this is having on our emotional well-being.

People all over the world are experiencing coronavirus anxiety through the fear of catching the virus, so much so our emotional response is often being overlooked.

A lot of people who are experiencing anxious thoughts would benefit from accepting the presence of the thoughts instead of trying to suppress them or to change the ideas or content within them.

I do recommend taking care of yourself and doing what you can to minimise the risk, the government has provided a lot of information on this.

It is my intention here to give you an insight on how to deal with some of the worrisome thoughts you may be experiencing and what actions you can take to combat them.

Here are some of my views on coronavirus anxiety;

Let’s be clear on one thing coronavirus anxiety will not reduce your risk of catching it so taking a different approach can reduce your anxiety levels and bring positive changes to your emotional well-being.

Turning your focus on how likely is that you will catch the virus is far better that focusing on how bad it would be if in the unlikely event you catch it.

Live your life in the here and now instead of fear. Stop living your life in fear, often the word fear can be seen as future events appearing real.

Keep your mind busy as much as possible, you can do this by listening to positive and relaxing music.

Whenever possible spend time with family & friends even if this is done in the virtual world or by telephone.

Stay away from depressing TV programmes, try watching things that makes you laugh, after all they is some truth in the saying that laughter is the best medicine.


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