Diploma Training

Diploma Training

Hypnotherapy Diploma Training:

6 Months Intensive Training Course, as an entry level there are no requirements to enrol.  Students are required to undertake a min of 20 hours each month of home study time. In addition you will need to attend weekly training days.

Weekly payments over a 6 month period and your total training cost equates to £900.

The instalments are £450.00 (payments to be made on the 1st and 3rd month) (For fast track training please add £75) Please email for more details on fast-track. After completing this training it is our commitment to you to ensure you have any necessary support and on-going training.

This course is packed with over 200 hours of extensive study time over a 6 month or fast track 6 weeks period. If you would like to fast track your training we can offer you this training package over 6 weeks subject to availability, an additional charge is outlined below.

It is essential that you study your set course work, complete set exam sheets, talk to your trainer and other students on the course via telephone, email or Skype, read recommended reading material, actively internet research, attend all module training days to gain hands on experience and collect case studies. Each student will be presented with a training manual including:

Module 1:

Introduction – Meet the course tutor
Training Dates
Aims and objectives of the course
Literature on each module
Basic understanding of Hypnotherapy
History of hypnosis
Glossary of Terms
Definitions of Hypnosis
Recommended Reading / research
Benefits of Hypnotherapy
Consultation Forms
Who can benefit from using Hypnotherapy
Music CD for therapy
Who cannot benefit from using Hypnotherapy
Session Evaluation forms
Some misconceptions of Hypnotherapy
Relaxation CD
Who cannot benefit from using Hypnotherapy
Code of Conduct
Self-hypnosis and it’s benefits
Test Paper
Exam Sheets
GHSC Information

Module 2 & 3:

Direct / Indirect
VAK Systems
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Who cannot benefit from using Hypnotherapy
Traditional Hypnotherapy
Suggestibility Test
Hypnotic Inductions
Signs & Signals of Hypnosis
Deepening Hypnosis
Rules of the Mind
Hypnotic Suggestions
Levels of Hypnosis
Post Hypnotic Suggestions
Alpha / Beta
Re-orientation From Trance
Practical Applications
Using Hypnotic Language Patterns
Test Paper

Module 4 & 5:

Creating A Safe & Comfortable Environment
Planning Your Therapy
Pain Reduction
Confidence – Group Hypnotic Session
Exam Paper
Client Consultation
Client Record & Evaluation
Test Paper
Questions & Answers

Module 6 :
This consist of practical demonstration, Code of Conduct, Complaint procedure and GHSC Code of Ethics. GHSC Recap on all modules including feedback and final written exam. You will have a personal appraisal & recommendations to develop skills from your tutor. Insurance and accreditation with the GHSC will be thoroughly covered. Congratulations on graduating!


For a more detailed information on the full course prospectus:

Mobile: 07737281076
Email: info@butterflyhypnosis.co.uk