Q: How safe is Butterfly technique hypnotherapy?

A: The Butterfly technique is 100% safe. It is not possible for anyone to come to any harm.

Q: Is it right to treat clients in their own home?”

A: Yes. Clients tend to relax well in their own home and some therapists will travel to visit you.

Q:What if I fall asleep whilst listening to a The Butterfly Technique CD?

A: If you are very tired you may find it possible to drift off to sleep during the exercises. If you need to remain awake set an alarm clock. Better still, do the techniques in bed and then just allow yourself to drift from deep trance state into sleep and you will awake re-energised and refreshed. Make sure you hear the suggestions being given as you drift into sleep.

Q:What is The Butterfly technique direct therapy?

A: Butterfly direct therapy is where you will be given suggestions to the mind. These suggestions are direct and simply tell the mind that you can achieve or accomplish anything you want to do, such as losing weight, or stopping smoking or nail-biting. This is normally done after getting to the root cause or the triggers that set off any unwanted behaviour.

Q: Is it successful with real fears and phobias?

A: Absolutely, if the person wants to be rid of the unwanted behaviour and the correct techniques used are suitable for the person and the phobia.

Q: How long does it take to produce a result?

A: It depends on far too many factors to make an exact statement about this. It can be instantly in one session for a some problems, to as many as… well, that depends on the ethics and skills of the therapist involved. A responsible, properly trained therapist will not keep a client in therapy longer than necessary.

Q: Can you learn Butterfly Technique from a book?

A: No, as the Butterfly Technique uses a combination of alternative therapies it is very important that they are used in the correct sequence and context. Although you can get quite a lot of knowledge on alternative therapies from reading books, you need and must have professional instruction and training if you intend to become a Professional Therapist in any area. Anybody who works with members of the public must have proof of training to obtain Professional working insurance.

Q: I’ve heard about bio-feedback meters. What are they are what do they do?”

A: A bio-feedback meter is a very useful too when undertaking Butterfly Techniques because keeping an eye on the internal states of an individual – anxiety, for instance – that we may not otherwise be aware of, is crucial when doing intervention work. The modern bio-feedback meters have an electronic display and operate via lightweight electrodes connected to two adjacent finger tips.

There is little or no awareness of these after a few minutes. You can use bio-feedback meters on yourself, to measure your own ability or to monitor a client’s anxiety and stress levels. These meters work on the same principle as a lie detector, by measuring the activity of the central nervous system.