Positive Thinking – The Theory PMA

Positive Thinking – The Theory PMA

Why Positive Thinking Alone Doesn’t Work

Let’s talk about Positive thinking or positive mental attitude (PMA) and why it’s not always the best or the most effective way to get positive results to show up in your life.

One of the main reasons is because unless you are being congruent with you thoughts and emotions you will have an imbalance with your mind and body. A positive mental attitude will work for a time but to really accelerate and to make that shift you need to add positive emotions.

There is some debate as to which comes first a feeling or a thought in other words does your thoughts affect your feelings or does your feelings affect your thoughts. In my opinion both are true, both go hand in hand.

In recent years Neuroscience has shown us that for positive thoughts to be super effective we to add the positive emotions to our thoughts, imagine saying to yourself over and over again “I feel great” but your feeling terrible how long do you think you will be able to attain that thought?.

I think by now you are already starting to see the logic in this way of thinking but imagine if you added feeling to these thoughts. What if you really started to do a few things you really enjoyed doing.

This could be anything from playing music that made you feel good, being around people who you enjoy being anything that will help you to tap into feeling frequency can accelerate you in bringing positivity into your life that often helps you achieve your goals.


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